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Places and Events to Take Ohza Mimosas

For those of you who are new here, we’re Ohza. The original Champagne cocktail is ready to drink, less sugary and caloric, and easy to bring wherever the wind takes you. 

Ohza is the ideal choice for any event, at home or on the go. The best part about these mimosas is that they’re not just for brunch anymore—seriously. With Ohza, you can take your Champagne cocktail anywhere you choose, in any season. Let’s dive into some of our favorite places to enjoy an Ohza Mimosa. 



The Easy Choice: Brunch


Okay, we know we just said that Ohza Mimosas are not just for brunch. But brunch is still a totally great place to enjoy them. There’s a reason that classic mimosas are such an easy choice for brunches. 

Whether you are familiar with Ohza or not, you have most likely heard of mimosas. If not, here’s a simple crash course on what makes up a mimosa. 

A mimosa is a mixed drink of orange juice and sparkling wine. They’re delicious, but they can be kind of a nuisance to make. Rather than go through the fuss, just pop open a can of Ohza and enjoy a hassle-free mimosa. 

If you are hosting a brunch, no matter the occasion, cleaning up is the last thing you want to worry about. Since Ohza comes conveniently in a can, there’s basically no clean-up after you and your guests enjoy your mimosas. 

Mimosas have been a brunch staple forever, because their flavor complements brunch foods so easily. Speaking of brunch foods, here are some of our favorite brunch staples that pair perfectly with an Ohza Mimosa. 

  • Eggs Benedict: Nothing says “classic brunch food” better than Eggs Benedict. It’s simple, delicious, and tastes pretty darn good with a cocktail. We recommend drinking a Classic Mimosa with this dish. 
  • Overnight French Toast Casserole:  For something on the sweeter side, we recommend this Overnight French Toast Casserole. It is balanced, tasty, and easy to make. Just whip it up the night before your brunch, pop it in the oven the next day, and voila. We recommend our Cranberry Mimosa with this dish.  



Ohza On The Go


The beauty of Ohza is that it goes wherever you do. You don’t have to fuss about all the extra details that come with making your own drinks. We’ve taken care of all that for you so you can just enjoy life. 

Here are our top picks of places to take Ohza on the go—but you can take these mimosas anywhere you’d like. 


At the Beach

One of the best places to enjoy an Ohza Mimosa is the beach. The warm sun and sand, refreshing ocean water, and fun activities all pair perfectly with a cocktail. 

Rather than having to worry about all those extra glasses and bottles to clean up after making your own, grab a can of Ohza and enjoy the beach mess-free. 



Cooler weather right around the corner means it's time to tailgate. No matter which sports team you support, it’s fun to bond with friends at a tailgate over some food and drinks. 

Get those portable grills sizzling and crack open a few mimosas. No mess, no hassle, all the bubbles of sparkling wine that you know and love even at a tailgate. 


Bridal and Baby Showers

No, not the wash your body kind of shower—a celebratory shower. A bridal shower or even a baby shower is the perfect place to drink an Ohza Mimosa. They are colorful, refreshing, and easy for guests to grab and go. 

No need for a fancy setup or a bartender when your guests can serve themselves. Less time waiting for drinks to be made means you can spend more time enjoying each other’s company. 



When you’re getting out in nature and unplugging, you deserve to relax and enjoy time away. We know that after a hard week, month, or year, one of the best feelings is to get away and relax in nature. 

Go for a hike, a drive, or lay in the sun… Whatever you decide to do, Ohza is a great travel buddy. 



The birthplace of Ohza was on a boat with friends, so it’s only fair that makes it one of the best places to enjoy it. 

Whether it’s a summer lake day, a fishing trip, or a romantic getaway for two, Ohza is the best choice for all your boating adventures. 



Whether it’s a birthday bash or an Ugly Sweater Party, Ohza’s variety of flavors can bring the party wherever it’s at. 

Here at Ohza, we believe life is worth celebrating on any scale. So no matter the celebration, if you are of legal age, you deserve to be celebrated. Holiday party? Pop open one of our Cranberry Mimosas to make your spirits bright. Regardless of what you choose, nothing says fun and festive like a cocktail. 



When people come together, memories are bound to be made and revisited. Families reuniting, high school grads coming together again, or old friends reconnecting are perfect opportunities to share a drink. 

Bring the party with you with Ohza. Spend more time with the people that you love and less time worrying about mess or stress. Drink and be merry! 


Celebrations Wherever You Are


Our goal here at Ohza is to help you make memories. No matter where you take Ohza: on the sand, in the mountains, or in your living room, good times will follow. Spend less time worrying about set up and cleaning and enjoy quality time with friends old and new. 

Whether you’re hosting the event or just a guest passing through, Ohza is the perfect gift for you to bring wherever you go. It’s affordable, convenient, and, most importantly: absolutely delicious. 

We could try to sell you all day on our Mimosas, but we think that the drinks speak for themselves! 

Whether you go out with friends or have a night all to yourself, celebrate with ease by drinking Ohza. Wherever the winds take you, we hope we can join you on those adventures. 


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