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Introducing: Fizzy Sangria
by Joe Jonas

Based on 6516 reviews
Sweet but not too bad

A little sweet for me. My husband liked it. I wanted to try the ice cube Idea with some champagne but my husband drank it all

Too sweet

I like most Ohza! I really like the peach Bellinis. This just didn’t do it for me. Doesn’t taste like any sangria I’ve ever had. Very sweet.


I waited to try because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I finally gave it a try and immediately fell in love! So hard not to guzzle down but I wanted the lovely taste to last forever. This is my favorite flavor!

Free 4-Pack | Fizzy Red Sangria
Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher
Summer Drink

Love this Red Sangria…totally different taste when it is Fizzy….for a change.

Perfect taste of summer

The pineapple mimosa is not overly sweet, has a great taste and goes down easy. I highly recommend!


This is my favorite flavor, it's always my go to


Light, sweet, crisp, bubbly perfection


I had lower expectations for sangria in a can, but I have to say it was very refreshing and not to sweet at all! Definitely will buy again

Tasty but sweet

This is one of the better flavors but I find them all too sweet.

Very very good!

Add a few pieces of fruit and you are good tomgo!

So good

Love it


Tried the Cranberry variety for the first time and LOVED it! Had previously tried the mango variety and while we enjoyed all 3 flavors the mango wasn't our favorite. BUT the cranberry is sooo yummy! The peach is still my favorite, but the cranberry is tart and super delish!

Cranberry Mimosa
Michael onifer
It's okay

Thanks this is really a nice

Love the pineapple 🍍

This is my favorite flavor!!! So refreshing and delicious. You won't be disappointed!

White wine sangria is my fav

I got both sangrias, but the white was the best in my opinion!

You need!

This is my fave drink! Low suger and tastes sooo good! Highly recommend!!!

Yummy beverages!

Found them to be tasteful, but a little weak on the champagne.

Best Dranks out there!

Fizzy Red Sangria Fire!!!!

Refreshing beverage

No fizzy white sangria is quite good not too sweet and a nice amount of bubble. I found it very refreshing while sitting poolside. I can’t wait to try the red next time

Cranberry Mimosa
Sharon Anderson
More Juice

It was good, but felt like I was missing the cranberry flavor, I thought I would get.

Peach Bellini
Kelli Lee-Allen
A little bit sweet

I like the Peach Bellini a lot, but it is a tad bit too sweet so I add a bit of ice and a splash of seltzer and YUM.

So refreshing

Absolutely enjoyed this. It’s been hot a lot recently so having this nice and chilled made the day even better. It tastes amazing and you won’t regret getting this.

Mango Mimosa
Charity Arnold
The best

I got the mango & the peach - and this by far is my favorite of the two. Will definitely be back for more!!!


loving joe jonas since 2008, I ultimately try anything he creates or recommends. In this case - I wasn’t disappointed. I paired it with the Rob’s popcorn for a nice movie snack & drink and it was wonderful. You won’t be disappointed.

Mimosa in a can

I love mimosas on a Sunday morning. Fresh OJ and champagne. But who likes all that prep and sugar and calories? Theee mimosas are fresh, tasty, and convenient. Perfect for home or the beach.

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Over 6516 Five Star Reviews

“I really like mimosas but don’t actually make them that often...having them ready to go in a can was so fun and easy. They tasted great!”

“The Ohza is a great convenient choice for a mimosa. Not too sweet and love that there isn't added sugar!”

“I love these. They taste like actual champagne and juice, they're not too sweet, but are light and refreshing. Kind of obsessed, have made 3 orders already. The classic mimosa is my favorite, followed by the bellini, but all 4 are delicious!”

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