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Fizzy Sangria
by Joe Jonas

Based on 7076 reviews
Good but..

I enjoyed the Cranberry Mimosa but I think it needed more cranberry flavor and maybe a touch sweeter.

Mango Mimosa
Alfredia Davis

This was my first trying the mango mimosa. Great taste. I would try it again.

Holiday cheers

Love the mimosas! Made my holiday parties festive with a few cranberry pieces and a lime slice in the drink for a special touch!

Holiday Variety Pack

Who knew that cranberry would be so good in a drink. I really liked the variety. Ohza is my favorite drink!

Lovin’ It

It’s just a joy to be able to have variety right at your fingertips! Nothing like having a choice and don’t have to run out and get it.

Great taste

I tried the cranberry mimosa, it's great! Love the taste and the slight fizz!

Amazing flavor

I thought the flavor would be an interesting combo, it's so refreshing. I look forward to being able to enjoy one in the evenings.


This one is my favorite. Lite and refreshing fruit and full of flavor for all seasons. I needed something just like this so I could drink without the quilt .Awesome job and Thank You

Grapefruit Mimosa
Lisa Kropp


Peach Bellini
Michael Williamson
shownies Review

l would drink peach mimosa as a primary bevrage ,but just a little bit pricy for what is a weak alcohaloic beverage.


I had high hopes but this didn't satisfy my cravings for good sangria. The first sip is fine but it has a weird aftertaste. Now I have 16 cans of not great sangria. I contacted the ohza people about a returning, but no dice. They suggested mixing it with some thing else. Ugh. Buyer beware.

Variety Pack Mango
Jacob Klein

Variety Pack Mango

Grapefruit Mimosa
David Steelman

Above expectations

Great! Loved it

Classic Mimosa
Jennifer Boyd
Supper yummy

Not what you expect from a can! This drink is refreshing and on point!!!

It speaks for itself — I quickly made another order of this refreshing drink.

Fizzy White Sangria
Carmen Lopez-Dunn
Great Taste

I enjoyed the white sangria best because it was light and not overly sweet.

Good Enough

Not as good as the real Mimosa but a pretty good substitute. A bit pricey.

Fizzy Red Sangria

These taste amazing! They are perfect to go, no more needing a bottle and everything that goes along with it to drink wine. You won't be disappointed!

Great product

Great product and speedy customer service.

A Hawaiian Breeze

The taste of pineapple makes me feel as if I’m on a beautiful Hawaiian Island !!

Grapefruit Mimosa
Diane Stage
My Favorite Flavor

I have tried several, Grapefruit is my favorite. I sometimes use is as a mixer for a cocktail with Grapefruit/Rose Vodka, it is very good.



Holiday Variety Pack
Gregory Le Cleir
Lovely to bring to holiday gatherings!

Brought these as host gifts! Big hit!

Variety Pack Mango
Deb DiPaolo

Especially the Mango mimosas

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Over 7076 Five Star Reviews

“I really like mimosas but don’t actually make them that often...having them ready to go in a can was so fun and easy. They tasted great!”

“The Ohza is a great convenient choice for a mimosa. Not too sweet and love that there isn't added sugar!”

“I love these. They taste like actual champagne and juice, they're not too sweet, but are light and refreshing. Kind of obsessed, have made 3 orders already. The classic mimosa is my favorite, followed by the bellini, but all 4 are delicious!”

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