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So… what’s the big deal with Ohza?

We’ve all had mimosas before, so what makes Ohza any different?

Here's the story: Four friends attempted to mix up some mimosas on a tippy boat off the Cape Cod coast. The result? A mess.

From making a big mess on the high seas to lugging ingredients and cups to the beach, we knew there had to be an easier way. So, we developed Ohza!

Ohza is the first exclusively canned cocktail company designed specifically for your on-the-go sparkling wine needs. Whether you take Ohza to the beach, a brunch, a bridal party, or even a baby shower, Ohza is the top choice for any event at home or on the go.

Our mimosas come in convenient cans, which means you don’t have to worry about glasses or bottles when you’re having a good time. We learned that mistake the hard way, so we have taken care of all that hassle for you. No mess, no worries.

We Care About What Goes Into Our Mimosas

Even better, Ohza is made with 80% less sugar and has 60% fewer calories than the average at-home mimosa but still has all the classic tastes that you know and love. Full flavor and full enjoyment, with none of the added junk. We are all-natural, and we like it that way. Our mixologists take pride in creating a product that is delicious and accessible (if you are 21 and over, of course).

Our company is based in Cambridge, MA, and we’ve set out on a mission to bring a taste of brunch wherever you wander. We also believe in using quality ingredients, sustainable packaging, and always supplying a good time. We would never lie to you, especially when it comes to our ingredients and our mimosas.

All of our mimosas contain the same core ingredients: sparkling wine and fruit juice. Better yet, 12 cans of Ohza is equivalent to mixing four bottles of bubbly and two juice cartons. We offer a variety of flavors, including Classic Bellinis, Classic Mimosas, Mango Mimosas, and even Cranberry Mimosas, and we’re always working towards improving our flavors.

Nothing but the best quality for you and your guests, no matter what the celebration is. Here at Ohza, we believe that life is worth celebrating. More importantly, we believe that YOU are worth celebrating.

We want to be a part of every big or small moment. Next time you crack open a can of Ohza, wherever you are, be sure to tag us on Instagram @ohzamimosas so we can be a part of it. Thanks for partnering with us to let the good times roll.

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