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What To Wear to Brunch: 10 Brunch Outfit Ideas

Whether you are planning a day out on the town or simply celebrating one of life’s many occasions, the best way to guarantee a good time is through brunch. Brunch is arguably the most important (and delicious) meal of the day. 

If you are going out with your brunch buddies, you may find yourself wondering: what on earth do I wear? You are not alone in those feelings; we promise. That’s where we come in. Here at Ohza, we know brunch inside and out, including the fashion trends that you might want to follow. 

With a meal like brunch that has some unwritten rules, you may find yourself asking if attire is part of that ruleset too. We’re here to help resolve any anxiety you may have about your brunch outfit. While there aren’t necessarily rules about brunch attire, there are a few key tips that may help you pick the perfect outfit. 

The key to any brunch outfit, regardless of your personal style, is comfort. Luckily, you can easily make an outfit that is both comfortable and highlights your personal style. You can build a beautiful brunch outfit no matter what aesthetic you prefer. Here’s how it’s done. 

5 Brunch Style Tips

Anyone can celebrate brunch — it’s not exclusive to gender or style. When it comes to brunch fashion, though, women tend to be more drawn to the styles and trends of a brunch time outing. 

Although there’s no specific dress code for brunch, most women aim for a classy, chic aesthetic that walks the line between casual and dressy. Depending on the weather, common brunch attire consists of items like skirts, flowy dresses, light jackets, and other lightweight yet stylish attire. 

Most brunch places have seating outdoors if you are hitting the town with your brunch buddies, so you want your outfit to be breathable and lightweight. In the warmer weather, look for clothing made from cotton and linen so you can stay breezy and comfortable. When it’s chillier out, you might want to pile on the layers so you’ll feel comfortable wherever you’re seated.

1. Accessorize 

One way to add personal style to your brunch outfit is through the art of accessorizing. Accessories make an outfit pop. There are so many ways to accessorize and accentuate your outfit. From earrings and other jewelry to a trendy hat, accessories like these can pull an outfit together and help you subtly stand out. 

If subtlety isn’t your speed, allow your accessories to make a statement. Pair your outfit with bold colored earrings or bright, eye-catching makeup. No matter how you choose to accessorize, as long as your personality shines through and you are confident, you really can’t go wrong. 

2. Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

While there may not be a specific dress code, if you are out at brunch, there may be a color palette that you should stick to. Brunch places often have a specific aesthetic, so it's a good idea to keep your colors simple and neutral, especially if you will be taking pictures with your brunch buddies (which we always encourage here at Ohza!) 

Sticking with neutral tones allows you to incorporate statement accessories and one or two eye-catching articles of clothing. Wearing neutrals allows you to build an outfit without feeling stuck in one color scheme or aesthetic. By wearing more neutral clothes as your base, you have more freedom and flexibility to pull together a fashionable outfit. 

3. Pop of Color

While we love neutrals, you can never go wrong with a pop of color. When you use a specific clothing piece or accessory as a pop of color, it can really transform your outfit as a whole. 

If you don’t have a bright top or scarf, try making a statement with your makeup — consider a bold lip or some colored eyeliner. We are all for thinking outside the box when it comes to style and creativity. 

Brunch is one of the best places to try out a new style or aesthetic, and a simple way to do that is with a pop of color. 

4. Pack a Jacket 

If the sun is shining and you’re going out for brunch, you will most likely end up sitting outside. It’s basically an unwritten rule. 

Always bring a jacket or sweater in case you get cold or run into unplanned weather. You can grab a coat that compliments your outfit, like a classic denim jacket or a chic leather trench. Keep the layer lightweight and fashionable, and it’ll be the perfect addition to your brunch outfit in case of less than pleasant weather. 

Favorite options include classic denim jackets, edgy leather options, and crisp, chic blazers. Simple yet impactful layers like these can bring an entire outfit together and add depth and texture without making you feel overdressed. 

5. Coordinate With Your Crew 

Are you and your brunch buddies looking to capture the perfect brunch day Instagram photo? Try coordinating your outfits with either a specific color or style. This is a fun way to create consistency on your Insta feeds — plus, it’ll make the event feel that much more special. 

No matter what you decide, you can never go wrong with some classic coordination. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in all your brunch buddy pics! 

10 Trendiest Brunch Outfit Ideas 

Now that you have some simple brunch attire tips, it’s time to build your brunch outfit. We have compiled the ultimate list of the best brunch fashion trends for you and your brunch party. From vintage to sporty, we’ve got every aesthetic covered. Brunch is a great place to let your style shine as you create memories with people you love. 

Regardless of your aesthetic, brunch is the perfect time to try out new fashion trends and let your personality through. Here are ten of our favorite fashion trends that will work perfectly for your next brunch-time celebration. 

1. Preppy Look 

Pastels, cardigans and tennis skirts: oh my! One of the trendiest fashion trends right now is a 90s-inspired preppy look. 

You can easily achieve this simple look with a few key pieces. For a preppy brunch look, you need staples such as a white tennis skirt, a sweater vest, clean white sneakers, a button-up shirt, and delicate gold earrings. 

2. Classic Look

There are a few ways you can go about a classic brunch look. Nothing says summery brunch like a good sundress. Whether you pick a mini, midi, or maxi skirt, you can effortlessly dress up a classic sundress. Pair your favorite dress with a wide-brimmed hat, a lightweight cardigan, and a trusty of white tennis shoes. Don’t forget your classic shades! 

3. Cool Girl Chic

Who doesn’t love a good leather jacket? If you find yourself adopting a cool-girl aesthetic for brunch, black and other neutral tones are your friends. Grab your favorite lightweight black slip dress, a classic leather jacket, knee-high boots, and a red lip, and you are ready to hit the town and look amazing while doing it. 

4. Vintage Look

There are a few ways you can rock a casually cool vintage look. All you need is a trusty pair of mom jeans, a silk neck scarf, a classic blazer, a wide-brimmed hat, and some black heeled booties to make an effortless vintage look that is adorable as it is comfy. 

5. European Vibes

For a European-inspired brunch look, keep your clothes clean and simple. While the majority of your color palette will be white, coffee browns, and blacks, this look should also include a small pattern that pops. 

Staples include a simple button-up collared shirt, brown loafers, a beret or hair clips, classic sunnies, and high-waisted dress pants. 

6. Comfy Chic

For an “I woke up like this” vibe, you need a few staples. Our personal favorite way to rock a comfy chic look is by dressing up some sweatpants. Believe it or not, this is simpler than you may think. 

Pair your favorite sweatpants with a clean pair of tennis shoes, a graphic tee, and a classic blazer. All you need is a baseball hat and a ponytail, and you are set for a comfy yet cute day at brunch. Just make sure your location doesn’t have a dress code before rocking this look! 

7. Matching Set

Whether your choice of clothing is a jumpsuit, a blazer, or a jacket and pants, a great way to add visual interest and create a sense of cohesion is by wearing a matching set. Matching sets look great in person and especially look great in photos. 

Pick your favorite pattern or color and utilize it to your advantage with a matching dress and shoes or a pantsuit. 

8. Oversized Look 

We’re loving the oversized trend that seems to be everywhere these days. 

Our favorite way of utilizing this trend for brunch is with an oversized blazer. You can pair a variety of different aesthetics with an oversized blazer that gives any outfit a modern and chic look that is not going out of style anytime soon. 

9. Sporty Chic 

Athleisure is all the rave right now. It’s the perfect way to dress up by dressing down. If you and your brunch buddies are keeping things casual and cute, coordinate all your workout attire for brunch. You can find cute matching workout sets that perfectly complement your effortless look. 

This also is wonderfully convenient if you and your brunch gang want to go for a quick workout before or after your delicious mimosas. 

10. Bold and Beautiful 

If bright colors and bold patterns are your jam, embrace them and build your outfit around them. Whether you decide to incorporate your bold style in your makeup, your shoes, or your clothes themselves, if you pair your bright style with the confidence to match, you can’t go wrong. Embrace your style and rock it at your next brunch. 

Bold style will make you stand out in the best way possible, and your Instagram will thank you for it. Our favorite way to celebrate bold fashion is with a statement piece like big earrings or a colorful bag. 

Rock Your Favorite Fit at Brunch

The most important thing about any brunch outfit is that you feel comfortable and confident. Whether you take a fashion risk or keep it casual, you should feel like the best-dressed guy or gal in the room —whatever that means for you. Have fun with your fit, and even more importantly, have fun at your brunch! 


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