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How To Plan a Super Bowl Party

Touchdown! It is finally that time of the year. Tailgates, snacks, and dad’s old jersey mean it’s time to root for your favorite team and engage in some healthy rivalry with friends. Whether your favorite team made it to the playoffs or not, celebrating the Super Bowl is always a good time. 

Whether you are hosting five people or you’re throwing a whole shebang, a lot goes into being a good host behind the scenes. Your guests will appreciate the extra mile you go for them to enjoy the game and enjoy each other's company. 

In order to throw a killer Super Bowl party, there are some steps you need to take to make it to the end zone. It’s important to arrange snacks, entertainment, and, most importantly, seating! Whether it’s the little details or the halftime show, preparing for the party is crucial. Here are all of our draft picks to host a Super Bowl party that will be more entertaining than the game itself. 

Buffet Style Bash

During your party, your guests should have the freedom to move as they please. While most people will want to sit down and watch the game, some may come less for the game and more for socializing. 

By arranging your food and drinks in a grab-and-go fashion, your guests will feel more at ease getting up during a commercial break to snack or grab something on their way out. This is a great way to keep people moving around and encourage socialization. 

Grab paper plates and plastic forks, and get ready to dig into some classic football food. Here are some of our fan-favorite grab-and-go snacks for a show-stopping Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl Snacks

  1. Football Cheese and Crackers: This quick dish isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s easy to make and easy to share. Plus, this recipe yields 12 servings! No one will go hungry at your Super Bowl party with this dish as a starting player. All you have to do is make it and allow it to chill before the party-goers come to your place. 
  2. Chicken Wings: A classic Super Bowl snack is chicken wings. They are a great grab-and-go appetizer that party-goers can enjoy throughout the event. They’re easy to make a variety of flavors and sauces to enjoy, so every guest at the party will have something to snack on. 
  3. Bunless Burger Bites: These mini sliders are a perfect addition to any party. They take no time to throw together and are a great way to add variety to a party plate. You can customize this dish for any party-goer and flavor palate.
  4. Stuffed Pizza Bites: Rather than rushing around and getting cash from all your guests to order pizza, make these easy pizza bites. They are tasty and definitely more convenient than waiting around for a pizza guy. Satisfy those pizza cravings now and get back to the game. 
  5. Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs: This dish is a classic finger food with an alcoholic spin. Like the other appetizers listed, these deviled eggs are a perfect grab-and-go dish that packs incredible flavor and a little extra punch.

These are just a few easy ideas to keep your guests fed while they cheer on their teams. When it comes to party planning, often less is more. It is better to keep it simple and stripped back than going all out for this kind of party. Let the simple details shine through, and let yourself relax and enjoy the game with your friends. 

Don’t Forget the Super bBowl Drinks! 

While having delicious food at the ready is important for a well-rounded event, you can’t forget the drinks. When it comes to events like the Super Bowl, it is vital to have a variety of drinks to choose from for guests of all ages and walks of life. 

Having options for everyone will help your guests not only enjoy themselves but feel comfortable in your space and feel welcome to come back. 

It’s important to keep the staples on hand like: 

  • Water
  • Soft Drinks (canned sodas and juice) 
  • Alcoholic Options (beers, cocktails, ciders, canned mimosas)

Guests love options! So do we. Here are some of our favorite punches and party drinks that your guests will be pining after. 

Cranberry Mulled Wine

There’s no better way to combine warm flavors and Super Bowl festivities than with a mulled wine. This drink is easy to make in a big batch, so your guests can enjoy it whenever they please. We recommend adding one of our Cranberry Mimosas to this recipe for a deeper cranberry color and flavor. 

Looking for that delicious fruit flavor without the hassle of a big batch like this recipe here? Here at Ohza, we offer a variety of mimosas in flavors like Classic Bellini and Mango Mimosa

Beer Punch

Looking for the best of both worlds? This simple beer punch combines the cool, crisp flavors of beer with the refreshing taste of a party punch. All it takes is three simple ingredients, and it can be shared with a big group of people. 

Hot Buttered Rum

Stick to the basics! This recipe for hot buttered rum will be a smash hit and will be a fan favorite amongst guests. For a classic event like the Super Bowl, why not stick to a classic cocktail? 

Whisky Sour Punch

This Whisky Sour Punch is the perfect choice to satisfy that citrus craving for those who aren't quite ready to welcome the cozy flavors of cranberry. 

Team Color Cocktail Pouches

Looking for a fun, creative way to cheer on your team? These team color cocktail pouches are an easy and tasty way to incorporate some spirits (team spirit, that is!) These are easy to customize with flavors and color and are perfect for a grab-and-go event like a Super Bowl. 

Regardless of the team you’re rooting for, it’s always a good idea to have some booze on hand to enjoy with your wings. Whether you decide to big batch some punch or just have some cold ones ready to grab and go, being prepared with the adult beverages for the game will be a hit with everyone there. 

Let the Games Begin 

When it comes to entertaining guests, the game on TV will do that job for you. 

However, if you are looking for a fun game in between quarters or want to keep the kids entertained, a game of cornhole or throwing around a football is a great way to keep guests engaged and active during the game. 

Super Bowl Success

Whether you decide to put your energy into making the Super Bowl snacks, drinks, or entertainment, it doesn't take a lot to throw an epic Super Bowl party. Ultimately, all you need is a great group of friends to throw the best Super Bowl party, even though snacks definitely help. 

No matter how you celebrate the Super Bowl, adding extra details for your guests will not go unnoticed. While a few may come solely for the game, most people are coming to the party for the people. 

Don’t forget to have fun yourself. Encourage your guests to bring their own snacks and drinks to share. By preplanning and working ahead, you can enjoy the time with your guests (and some chicken wings while you’re at it) and enjoy the game. Grab your chips and cocktails and get ready to enjoy the Super Bowl as it's supposed to be enjoyed—surrounded by people you love sharing comradery and healthy competition. 


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