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10 Fun and Convenient Ideas of What To Bring to Your Next Picnic

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the flowers are growing again. This means that spring is right around the corner. One of the best ways to celebrate the warmer weather is with a classic picnic. 

Here at Ohza, we believe that nothing rounds out a perfect sunny day like enjoying a picnic. Picnics are not only romantic, but they are also a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air. 

Picnics are perfect for casual dates, reunions with friends, or even a solo journey. A picnic is a wonderful way to soak up some sun and eat some good food. 

If you’re new to the art of picnicking and are unsure of where to start, look no further. We’ve got everything you need to know for packing your next picturesque picnic. 

Our first pro tip? You never want to head out on a picnic without something delicious to sip on — that’s where Ohza comes in. Our bright, bubbly mimosas are tasty, convenient, and easy to toss in a cooler or a picnic basket so that you can enjoy the finer things in life while on the go. 

From aesthetically pleasing snacks to the best bubbly around, we’ve got the ultimate packing list for your next adventure. 

5 Essentials for a Picturesque and Portable Picnic

The key to a successful picnic experience is keeping things portable and pretty. 

If you are anything like us, you will never want to miss out on a photo opportunity. Picnics are known for their aesthetics. When it comes to a picturesque picnic, there are a variety of ways that you can achieve an aesthetic, from the food you bring to the picnic basket itself. If you want to have a great-looking (and tasting) picnic, here’s everything you need to have the prettiest picnic around, courtesy of your friends at Ohza. 

From the little details to the starring players, creating a picturesque picnic doesn’t have to be a difficult task. All you need is a few key ingredients, some little details, and some yummy food to share. Here’s everything you need to keep the good times rolling. 

1. Picnic Basket 

Arguably the accessory that can most make or break your picnic is the right basket. Having a basket as practical as it is beautiful is crucial to your event. You can always go for a classic wicker basket or switch it up with a sleek tote or bag. 

Regardless of the style you go for, it’s important to have some sort of vessel to hold your food and drink in. Bonus points if it’s cute, of course. 

2. Picnic Blanket

Much like its basket counterpart, the iconic picnic blanket is a must-have if you are having your picnic outside. Picnic blankets tie together the entire scene you are trying to set and help protect you and your food from getting dirty. 

Our favorite blanket for a summery picnic is a classic red and white gingham blanket, but you really can’t go wrong when selecting your own picnic blanket. 

3. Picnic Plates, Cutlery, Glasses, and Napkins 

Once you have your basket and blanket ready to go, you need to pick your utensils to go along with it. We recommend color coordinating everything to get that Instagram-worthy snapshot. If you go with a fun red and white checkered picnic blanket, get some bright red or clean white napkins and plates to go along with it. 

It’s a simple detail that will go a long way. We also recommend that you bring reusable plates, silverware, and napkins to your picnic. You don’t always know where your adventures are going to take you, and there may not be a sustainable place to discard your plastic utensils. 

4. Cutting Board and Knife 

One tool that will make your life a hundred times easier on a picnic is bringing a cutting board and a knife. This not only helps you enjoy the prepping process at your picnic location, but it also helps with the overall ease of your day. 

When you’re sitting on a blanket, having the extra support when slicing your fruit or sandwiches is helpful. 

5. Ice Packs or a Thermos 

One of the downsides of sharing a meal outside is the inconsistency of temperatures. When there is even the slightest change in the wind or light, there could be some problems if your food is left exposed. 

One quick fix for this is to pack either ice packs or a thermos, depending on if your picnic food is hot or cold. Both of these items help regulate the temperature of your food, so you don’t have to worry and can just enjoy the picnic.

5 Best Picnic Foods You Need To Make 

When deciding on a menu for your next picnic, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The foods you pack should be easily accessible, portable, and, most importantly, delicious. 

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the perfect picnic foods that are sure to impress on your next picnic. Foods that come in all shapes and sizes fit perfectly in your favorite picnic basket. Here are ten of our favorite picnic recipes you need to try at your next picnic. 

1. A Sweet Treat: Strawberry Lemonade Cookies

You can find the best of both worlds in these strawberry lemonade cookies. They are tart, refreshing, and super easy to make. These cookies combine the summery flavor of strawberry lemonade with a crumbly cookie. Plus, they are actually made with cake mix, which is an absolute game-changer.

2. Main Course: Classic Picnic Sandwich or Wrap 

Sandwiches and wraps just scream picnic. They are effortless to customize in terms of texture and flavors and are convenient to pack away and take with you wherever you go. 

Pair your favorite sandwich with some fresh fruit and good company, and you’ve got a winning combo that is sure to satisfy you at your next picnic. 

3. Side Dish: Pasta Salads 

Pasta salad can be hot or cold, depending on your preferences and your picnic locations. Much like sandwiches and wraps, pasta salad can be customized in different flavor profiles too. 

The best part about pasta salad is how convenient it is to share with other people. A little bit goes a long way with a dish like this. If you are looking for the perfect dish to share while soaking up some sun, consider a pasta salad for your next picnic. 

4. Snack: Hummus

If you are searching for a portable snack to bring to your picnic, hummus may be the perfect idea. Enjoy your favorite flavor of hummus with some fresh summery vegetables or your favorite pita bread. 

Plus, hummus is generally pretty nutrient-dense and fairly filling. It’s a perfect addition to any picnic and can be split between you and your picnic buddy. 

5. Something to Sip: Sweet Tea

The art of picnicking has often been viewed as an especially popular concept in the American South. What better way to enjoy the art of picnicking from the sweet south than with some sweet tea? Sweet tea is easy to make and is the perfect way to round out a romantic picnic. 

A Bonus Fruity Friend: Ohza Mimosa

If you are looking for a drink that is more subtly sweet than its southern counterpart, look no further. Ohza is the perfect picnic drink because it is already portable and comes in a convenient can that can be easily recycled—no glassware required. 

The fun fruity flavors of Ohza (or even a cocktail made with Ohza) are a perfect pairing for a summery romantic picnic. We’ll raise a glass to that because it’s worth celebrating the little moments in life, like sharing a picnic blanket with the person you love. 

The Perfect Picnic

No matter what foods you make, glasses you clink, or baskets you pack, the perfect picnic comes down to the company. Enjoying a fun picnic with the ones you love helps make lifelong memories that turn into a tradition. 

Picnics are a wonderful way to have an intimate meal with someone you love. Pack that picnic basket to the brim with your favorite foods and a few cans of Ohza, and go make memories in the sun. Picnics are one of the best ways to celebrate the new seasons and close out the old. Step into the sun with all your picnic essentials and soak up the good times. 


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