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What Food Pairs Perfectly With Champagne?

When it’s time to celebrate, popping open a bottle of Champagne is a classic. Champagne is one of the most classic celebratory staples for any occasion, from baby showers to weddings. However, drinking on an empty stomach is not always the best idea. 

You don’t want to eat just anything with your Champagne, though. It’s essential to match the flavors and textures of the Champagne with whatever you are eating. Champagne has a light, delicate flavor, so it’s crucial to match that with some carefully chosen munchies. 

Here at Ohza, we believe that life is worth celebrating. Whatever you decide to celebrate, celebrate it in style with yummy food and bubbly Champagne. Here are all the best foods to pair with your beloved bubbly. 

Proteins for Pairing 

Whether you go the charcuterie route or plan a big meal for your celebration, it’s essential to pair protein with your Champagne. Thankfully, there are tons of protein options that work well with bubbly. 

Most wine experts claim that fried food is the way to go when enjoying Champagne. It may seem counterintuitive, but the grease of the fried food cuts through the acidity of the Champagne, making it a bite made in heaven. We know here at Ohza that comfort food is good for the taste buds and, more importantly, good for the soul. You’re celebrating with Champagne, so celebrate with foods that you love as well. 

Look for food that can be fried, is high in protein and filling (to help with your buzz), and most importantly, is delicious and accessible to you and your guests at your next celebration. 

Here are five of our favorite protein picks that pair well with Champagne

1. Fried Chicken 

You don’t need Caviar or other expensive delicacies to enjoy Champagne. Most mixologists argue that the best option to pair with Champagne is fried chicken. 

The grease of the chicken paired with the acidity of the Champagne is a match made in heaven. It’s an excellent way to cleanse your palette in between bites and enjoy every drop of bubbly. 

2. Poached Eggs and Salmon

This dish is high protein and easy to make. The smoky flavor of the salmon and the creaminess of the poached eggs make this an excellent choice for pairing with Champagne. 

3. Deviled Eggs 

Another non-fried, accessible option is deviled eggs. They are creamy and delicious, with a neutral enough flavor that balances out the citrus and acidity in Champagne. Plus, this is a great vegetarian protein option. 

4. Scallops 

Seafood is a great pairing with Champagne. The salty, briny flavors of fish or shellfish contrast with the light sweetness of Champagne. Plus, seafood is convenient because you can serve it as an appetizer or a main course—there are truly that many options. 

5. Fish and Chips 

This crunchy main course from the sea is an unexpectedly delightful pairing with Champagne. It hits all the boxes that make it great for pairing: fried, hearty, and from the sea. This meal is nothing short of a classic, and you’ll be shocked how much lighter it feels when paired with Champagne. 

Whether you decide to enjoy these options as starters or main courses, these are great protein-dense and filling options to pair with your favorite Champagne (or perhaps a sparkling wine cocktail like our Classic Mimosa). 

We believe here at Ohza that flavor and experience are everything. A great way to pack in some flavor with your Champagne is to branch out and enjoy some comfort food with your Champagne. 

Side Dishes With Champagne

Once you’ve got your main course settled, it’s essential to have some side dish options to help further the dining experience. Side dishes help round out a meal and introduce new flavors that are slightly different from the main course.  

Having lots of options is always a good idea, no matter the type of event you are hosting. Your guests will appreciate the versatility of food options, which will help them enjoy themselves even more. 

Here are five side dish options that will help highlight your Champagne. 

1. Mushrooms 

The earthiness and natural nuttiness of the mushrooms pair perfectly well with the brightness of the Champagne. Whether you eat them plain or fry these mushrooms up, they’ll add something truly special to your Champagne experience. 

2. Macaroni and Cheese 

Macaroni and cheese is the perfect side dish (or main course, if you’re loading it up) to pair with your Champagne. It’s cheesy and versatile, and you can easily customize it to be anything you want. Whether you decide to add protein or enjoy this comfort food on your own is entirely up to you, but the richness of the cheese will pop against the acidity of the wine. 

3. Bruschetta 

Crispy bread paired with toppings of your choice—what could go wrong? Bruschetta is one of the easiest appetizer choices around, and it’s fresh, bright, and undeniably tasty. 

Bruschetta is easy to customize to include whatever flavors you’d like, and the crunchy texture makes it a fun bite with the Champagne. If you want to make this appetizer into a fuller meal, pair it with a creamy soup. 

4. Cheese 

Cheese is one of life's many joys. It’s also pretty great with Champagne. Some of our personal favorite cheeses to enjoy with Champagne include Parmesan, Gouda, and Brie. These provide unique flavors and textures that each bring something different to the table when paired with Champagne. 

5. Corn Dogs With Dijon Mustard 

The secret to this dish is the mustard, which provides an acidity that can stand up to the Champagne. The corn dog is merely a vessel. While a corn dog might seem a little low-brow for this pairing, we’re of the opinion that you can enjoy good wine with whatever foods you like and have a fantastic experience. 

The Menu Is Up to You 

Many resources will break down each type of food and tell you what you should and shouldn’t enjoy Champagne with, but ultimately, it comes down to you and your tastebuds.

You should pair whatever foods you enjoy with your bubbly. It’s a good idea to veer more towards salty foods, like seafood, cheese, and fried foods, but don’t let that stop you from branching out and exploring new flavors. 

Find new recipes that you and your guests can make and enjoy together. Don’t be afraid to try different flavors and textures; you never know what you will come up with. No matter the flavor profile you end up with, it’s never the wrong time to open a bottle of bubbly (or a canned mimosa, as the case may be). 

Find ways to celebrate your life today. It doesn't need to be a fancy occasion to drink some Champagne—just make sure you pair it with something delicious. 


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