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How To Have a Romantic Date Night at Home: 12 Ideas

Tis’ the season… to stay inside! If you and your partner are looking to have a romantic night in, look no further. Few things are better than cozying up with the person you love. Why not make an entire date night out of it? After a long week or an extra hard snowfall, you might not want to get out of the house, even for something as special as date night. 

If you and your loved one are homebodies, it’s easier than you think to have date night from the comfort of your own home. Whether you dress up or down or even stay in bed, date night at home can help save time, money, and energy. You always have the classic options—a movie marathon, spa night complete with face masks, even karaoke night—but we’re thinking a little outside the box.

If this sounds like a perfect night for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, here are 12 fun activities for a romantic date night right from home. 

Things To Do at Home for Date Night

While having a lazy day is always a good idea, you may still want some adventure, even from home. 

If you want to branch out and try something new with the person you love (more than just a movie night), at-home date night is a great place to do that. Here are some super fun experiences you can do for an at-home date night. 

1: Cook a Fancy Meal Together 

Spend some quality time with your partner (and get a delicious meal too) by cooking dinner together. 

Whether you watch a cooking tutorial, make a challenge out of it, or create a recipe from scratch, cooking is a great way to bond and experience something new. Grab the ingredients in advance, and you’ll be good to go. Cheese fondue night, making your own pizza dough, or whipping up a pasta sauce together all make for romantic date ideas.

And don‘t forget the dessert—whether you choose chocolate or not, you’re sure to whip up something that tastes delicious!

Not only do you get to spend time together doing something creative and fun, but you get a tasty product out of it in the end. You could even take a great date night one step further by packing up a picnic basket and a blanket and heading out for some time in nature.

2: Paint or Draw Each Other

If you or your significant other are artistic, painting one another is an intimate and creative home date idea. 

If you and your partner are not artistic, this could be a humorous way to celebrate one another. Regardless of your skill level, painting is a romantic way to spend time together and create a new picture for the living room. 

3: Play Mixologist 

What better way to show some love than making your lover a cocktail? Have fun creating custom cocktails for each other. 

A great way to do this is to grab some Ohza mimosas and get creative. Ohza makes an excellent base for a variety of different drinks, thanks to its bright, fruity flavor profile. Experiment with various spirits to create a special drink that captures the essence of your partner. 

4: Game Night

Board games are always fun to do, whether just the two of you or with other couples. No matter how you choose to play, board games will bring out that competitive spirit. If you’re a little more tech-savvy, play video games together. 

Game night is even more fun when paired with some adult beverages. Here at Ohza, we love a good game night. Have some wine while you play cards or sip on Ohza mimosas while you play a game of Monopoly. 

5: Learn How To Dance

You can never go wrong with a slow dance for the romantic in your life. If you are lacking in the choreography department, put your skills to the test. Watch a YouTube tutorial, or make it up as you go. 

Dancing is a sweet, intimate way to be close physically to your partner. Learn a slow dance or fun choreography from a favorite group or band. No matter how you like to bust a move, dancing is a wonderful way to be close to your significant other. 

6: Work Out Together 

If you want to move your body but don’t want to leave the house, a home workout is the way to go. Whether your choice of exercise is yoga, cardio, or strength training, you can find great home workouts for you and your partner for date night. 

7: Camp Out in Your Backyard 

If you want to get out of the house but not really leave, heading into the backyard is a great way to achieve this. Set up camp outside and have an outdoor camping trip right in your backyard. 

Lay under the stars, eat some fire-roasted marshmallows, drink a few beers,  and snuggle up with the person you love in the cool of the night. End the night by zipping up your tent and cuddling up with your significant other in some sleeping bags. 

If it’s a little too chilly to be outside, set up a blanket fort inside and make-believe. This staycation is a romantic date night idea that you’ll never forget. 

8: Learn an Instrument Together 

If you or your partner are musically inclined, a fun date night idea is to learn an instrument together. Maybe the two of you have a special song you would like to learn how to play. 

Shoot for the stars and attempt to write an original song together if you feel inclined to. You may discover a new hobby (or a career) with your significant other. 

9: Reorganize and Deep Clean 

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore—especially when cleaning with the person you love. Put on your favorite music to bring the romance and get to cleaning. 

If you are bored of how a room in your house looks, take this opportunity to rearrange it and organize it. You could even turn it into a little friendly competition to see who can clean up faster.

A clean space can help you and your significant other feel more at ease, especially when staying home. The buddy system helps these activities go by fast, too. 

10: Plan a Trip Together 

Planning the future is a fun way to spend quality time with your partner. This doesn’t have to mean a ring; you can start small by talking about a trip you want to take someday. 

Daydream with your significant other about places you want to travel to someday and start planning a fun getaway together. Create realistic goals about saving and spending money, and make your next vacation one to remember. 

11: Take-Out by Candlelight 

Get dressed to the nines. Light candles, turn on some classy music, pop some champagne, and enjoy your favorite take-out. Whether your vice is Chinese food or Italian, there is something special about enjoying cheap food in fancy clothes. 

If money is tight, this is a great option to enjoy restaurant-level food without spending a lot of money on an expensive dinner. Plus, it’s pretty fun to get dressed up to just stay in. 

12: Do Nothing! 

You read that right. Life can feel nonstop and crazy. Take a breather and have a lazy day at home with your favorite person. Order a pizza, put on your favorite movie, and stay in your pajamas as long as you desire. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break. Encourage yourself and your partner to partake in some proper rest and relaxation. Don’t forget to end the day with a romantic bubble bath! 

Home Is Where the Heart Is 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a romantic, memorable date night. There are many ways to have date night right from your living room or bedroom. However you and your significant other celebrate, date nights at home can help you save money, develop intimacy, and have uninterrupted time with the one you love. 

Whether you experiment with cocktail recipes or make your partner your muse, there are many ways to spend quality time with your favorite person from your own home. For all future date nights, cheers to staying in and snuggling up! 


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