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5 Creative Mimosa Flight Ideas

Nothing says brunch quite like a mimosa. Mimosas are bright, fizzy, and delicious. However, honestly, sometimes the same old recipe of orange juice and Champagne can get a little old. If you are looking to spice up your brunch, look no further. Instead of making one big batch of a classic mimosa, why not try a flight? 

Most often, when you hear the word flight, you associate it with beer. A beer flight is just a board with various glasses with small servings of various beers on it. This could be different types of beer, different brands, or flavor profiles. Many people use this method to try a lot of different styles rather than ordering one large drink. 

Here at Ohza, we would pick a mimosa over beer any day. Instead of a beer flight, why not utilize the same concept with some sparkling wine and your favorite fruit juice? Here are five creative ideas to make the perfect mimosa flight for your next brunch or celebration. 

Tips for the Best Mimosa Flight 

The mini version of anything is almost always better. Believe it or not, but this fact reigns true even with mimosas. One of the best parts of a mimosa flight is getting multiple miniature versions of your favorite flavors. 

Here are some simple tips that are important to keep in mind when creating your mimosa flight. 

  1. Don’t Skimp Out on the Champagne: In any case, this is the chance to really go all out on the Champagne. That cheap grocery store option may not be best suited for your mimosa flights. The goal is to pack a different experience into each little glass. If you can, splurge a little on the Champagne. 
  2. Fresh-Squeezed Juice: Even with regular mimosas, fresh-squeezed is always the best option. 

Now that we have established some quick tips to get the best tasting mimosa flights, let’s dive into aesthetics and get creative with these mimosa flights. 

5 Creative Mimosa Flight Ideas: Flavors and Aesthetics 

Before anything else, you will need to purchase your flight board and glasses. We recommend a board that can hold at least three small glasses. Your glasses should be small enough to store on the board but big enough to hold a decent amount of your drinks. Once you have these items in your possession, it’s time for the fun part. 

Whether you are enjoying these flights on a Sunday morning or for a special occasion, there are many different ways to branch out and get creative. With lots of fun holidays coming up, those are easy ways to add some themed creativity into your favorite brunch drinks. Here are five fun ways to theme your mimosa flight. 

1. The Classic Flight

Like a regular beer flight, this mimosa flight is simple yet classic. Grab a regular beer flight board and fill your glasses with three classic mimosa flavors. We recommend a regular OJ one, a Peach one, and then another citrus flavor. For this board, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. 

  1. Classic Mimosa: There is truly nothing like a classic mimosa. It’s vibrant, citrusy, and is iconic to brunch time. 
  2. Peach Bellini: Another example of a classic mimosa is a peach bellini. It’s refreshing, pretty, and made with prosecco, which will add some dimension to your flight. 
  3. Pineapple Mimosa: This pineapple mimosa is refreshing and tangy. Perfect to round off this classic flight board. 

2. The Festive Flight

For this mimosa flight, find all the holiday cheer you can muster. It’s holly, jolly, and most importantly, boozy. We recommend the same process as “the classic,” just with holiday-themed mimosas. Here are three fun and festive flavors to choose from for your flight: 

  1. Ruby Red Mimosa: Made with ruby red grapefruit and raspberry, this cocktail has the classic fruit flavors you want with the holiday season. 
  2. Holiday Mimosa: This mimosa is similar to a classic mimosa, just with a little holiday twist. The extra sugar on the rim makes this drink feel well deserved on a Christmas morning. 
  3. Cranberry Christmas Mimosa: Cranberry is one of the classic flavors of the holidays. This mimosa captures everything that you love about the holidays. It’s festive and inviting and a perfect finisher for your holiday mimosa flight. 

3. The Fright Flight

What better way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year than with some Halloween mimosas? These mimosas are easy to make and spooky, and you can easily decorate your flight board to match your Halloween party theme. 

  1. Dracula Mimosa: Topped off with a syringe, this fun and spooky mimosa is perfect for kicking off your fright flight.
  2. Blood Red Mimosa: This blood-red mimosa will have you screaming for more. The secret is cherry grenadine! This drink is as delicious as it is aesthetic. 

4. The Ohza Mimosa Flight

The easiest way to have a mimosa flight is to use Ohza Mimosas. The best part about using Ohza is that since it comes in a can with a variety of flavors, all you have to do is pour it right into the glass. No assembly necessary! 

We have all the classic flavors you could ask for without all the hassle and prep work. 

  • Mango Mimosa
  • Classic Mimosa
  • Cranberry Mimosa 
  • 5. The Turkey Flight

    This Thanksgiving, what better way to bond with family members than a mimosa flight? It’s easy to incorporate fun fall flavors into this easy to share, fun-loving flight. 

    1. Apple Cider Mimosa: Nothing says fall festivities better than apple cider. This apple cider mimosa is a great way to segway into autumn. 
    2. Harvest Mimosa: This cozy mimosa is the perfect way to count your blessings. It combines all of your favorite fall flavors into one delicious beverage. 
    3. Pumpkin Spice Mimosa: Pumpkin spice isn’t just a great latte flavor. It also makes for a tasty fall mimosa.  

    Brunch Made Easy 

    Whether you lean towards a spooky flight or something classic, the possibilities are endless with mimosa flights. There are so many different ways to enjoy the iconic brunch beverage. No matter what flavor you choose, getting creative with a mimosa flight and experimenting with new recipes is a great way to spice up your brunch game.

    Your guests will love and appreciate the new experience of tasting a mimosa flight. The best part is that you get to enjoy it with them!

    Regardless of the flavors you choose, a mimosa flight is a fun and simple way to branch out and try something new. Whatever you are celebrating, try incorporating a mimosa flight into the event. It’s delicious, versatile, and looks really good in an Instagram post! 

    No matter the occasion, every day is worth celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than with a little bit of bubbly now and then? Today is a day worth celebrating. Pop open that bottle (or can) and find a reason to celebrate today. 


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