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Memorable Holiday Party Ideas

When the holidays roll around, the best way to celebrate is a party with people you love—food, drinks, events, the whole shebang. Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different ways to party—from a casual happy hour to a Christmas party complete with Santa and a Christmas tree. 

For the holidays, we can expand your party horizons even more. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah, or another holiday, here are all the tips and tricks you need to know to throw the most memorable holiday party. 

Create a Better Budget 

Before you even dive into the fun craziness of party planning, we recommend budgeting out everything you need. Consider how you are going to go about this. 

  • Are you going to ask guests to bring their own snacks and have a potluck, or are you going to provide the food for the event? 
  • How much decorating are you going to do? 
  • How much are you putting into this out of your own pocket? 

These are just some things to consider before you dive all in and have a huge holiday bash. If all of your ideas pass these considerations, you have the green light to go ahead with party planning, which is arguably one of the best parts of parties. 

Pre-Party Planning 

Now comes the fun part. When you begin party planning is when you get to make a lot of critical party decisions. 

  • Are you going to have a theme?
  • If it's a holiday that involves gifts in a way, will there be a gift exchange?
  • Is it going to be a costume party? 

Pandemic Party Planning

In light of the recent pandemic, if you want to play it safe, here are some creative ways to celebrate the holidays while being socially distant and safe! 

Host a Cookie Swap

Unsure about getting all your friends together in one space? Instead of a big holiday party, have a cookie swap to keep the group numbers smaller but the tasty treats still around. 

Leave cookies in each other's mailboxes or on a friend's doorstep for a holiday cookie exchange that keeps everyone safe. 

Virtual Parties

If you’re looking for virtual holiday party ideas, you can still throw a rockin’ holiday party. Consider running a movie marathon over Zoom, arranging a White Elephant Gift Exchange where everyone sends a gift to someone else, or even pull together some holiday trivia questions.

For work, virtual happy hours with your employees and coworkers are always an option. Pull together a holiday playlist, send out some Santa hats, and play a few team-building games. Props are optional but fun, especially when they follow a holiday party theme.  

Go Cocktail Hunting

Instead of hosting a big cocktail party with a big bowl of punch, opt for single-serve canned beverages that smaller groups can share safely. There is no better choice for this than Ohza

We bring the party with tiny cans packed with flavor. Our mimosas are the tastiest and most affordable option for small get-togethers, and the best part is that you can take them anywhere. 

Get Outside

If the weather isn't too chill, host your holiday party outside. Bundle up with some hot cider, smores, and a campfire, and your guests can feel cozy and merry outdoors. 

These are just some simple ways to switch your holiday party over to accommodate everyone in light of the recent pandemic events. Do whatever makes you and your guests comfortable, whatever that may be. 

Party Favors

Party favors are a fan favorite to add that personal touch to any event. They are a physical memory that people can keep and hold onto for years to come. 

The best party favors should go with the theme of the event. For a holiday party, try some of these easy party favors. 

Custom Ornament

You don’t need to go as far as putting their name on it, but custom ornaments are a wonderful touch to ring in the season. Try making ornaments out of pinecones for a wintry feel or putting the name of your event on a glass ornament for a memory to keep for the holidays to come! 

Stove Top Potpourri

This is a fun way to ensure that the holiday celebration doesn't end at your house. Creating Stove Top Potpourri is a great way to keep your holiday smells around. 

Your guests will love this personal touch to keep the smells of the holiday alive and well. Who doesn't love the smells of the holidays? 

DIY Gingerbread Houses

Everyone loves candy, especially around the holidays. Pull together a kit with everything you need to decorate a gingerbread house, as well as some hot cocoa, and tie it all up with some ribbon. 

Party favors aren't mandatory, but they definitely are a great way to help your guests feel loved and valued. Get creative with it! 

Custom Cocktails

Grab a small mason jar, pair it with a mini soda can, and tie a tiny bottle of your favorite holiday liquor to the lid. Fun options include Baileys, peppermint schnapps, and peppermint vodka. 

Just add a cute straw and some twine, and you have a perfect cozy mini cocktail kit your guests can make on their own. 

Cocktail It Up 

Speaking of custom cocktails, a custom cocktail doesn't just make a great party favor. It is a great main event too. Test your mixologist skills and whip up a custom cocktail for you and your guests. 

Just like your party favors, tailor the cocktails to the theme of your party and your guests. Find ways to incorporate your guests’ personalities and favorite flavors to really spice up the event. 

Take one of our Mimosas and add some flavor and color to one of your custom cocktails. Experiment with the fruity flavors and see what you can come up with. The options are virtually endless when you’re the bartender.  

Not feeling one of our mimosas? No problem. Here are some holiday-specific cocktails you can make to enjoy with your chestnuts and fruit cake. 

    You can never go wrong with booze for any event, and these cocktails and our mimosas are a win every time. 

    Go Ugly, or Go Home 

    When we say ugly, we mean ugly sweaters, of course! Making the holiday party an ugly sweater party helps guests unwind a little with a fun and not-so-fashion-forward dress code. 

    This encourages your guests to relax by not taking themselves so seriously. Have a little contest and have your guests vote on which sweater is the “ugliest” and let the winner take home a small prize. 

    This is a fun way to have your guests interact with one another and get to know each other in a unique way. 

    Looking to add a spin to the sweater contest? Have the contest be during a daytime event like a brunch. This encourages your guests to branch out and have some holiday fun before the sun sets. 

    Throw up some holiday decorations, play a few holiday-themed movies in the background, and get ready for a day of fun and laughs. 

    Memories of a Lifetime

    There are many things that you can do to make your party a memorable one that exceeds this list. 

    Whether it’s a party favor or a cocktail, adding personal touches is one of the best ways to host a party that guests won’t soon forget. Unwind with some spiked cider and fun holiday sweaters, and you’ve got yourself a memorable party experience. 

    The holidays are all about sharing and experiencing moments with the ones you love. Whether friends, family, or others you keep close, make this holiday season one worth remembering. So throw up some Christmas lights, get to wreath making, wrap your gifts, and get ready for the holiday party of the century. 


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