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33 Really Good White Elephant Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year when the ugly sweaters and fresh-baked cookies enter the arena. It’s a time for festive and fun holiday celebrations, and there is no better way to ring in the most wonderful time of the year than with a White Elephant gift exchange. 

For those who may not know, a White Elephant gift exchange is a yearly tradition where people exchange gifts with one another. Sometimes the gifts in question are gag gifts, or they can be completely sincere. It depends on the crowd of people. Either way, a White Elephant gift exchange is a fun way to break the ice with new people around the holidays or share a laugh with friends old and new. 

How does it work exactly? With a White Elephant gift exchange, party-goers bring a gift and then simply draw a number. All the gifts are then piled into one area, and each guest chooses a gift based on the order of their number. 

Guests have the option to pick an unopened gift or steal someone else's already opened gift. If your gift is stolen, you can open a new gift or steal again, and the cycle continues.

When searching for a great White Elephant gift, finding something that hasn’t been done before can be hard. Should you go classic or branch out a bit? How can you get something that will be a fan favorite for everyone? 

We are breaking down the best White Elephant gifts that your friends will all be fighting over this holiday season. No matter your budget, we’ve got the best gifts. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that your gift is the one being stolen all night long. 

Here are all the best White Elephant gifts worth stealing at your next holiday party or event, courtesy of our team at Ohza

Best Gifts Under $15

Finding the perfect White Elephant gift for your exchange doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. There are tons of fun and affordable options if you are trying to be budget-friendly. A good starting price for most gift exchanges is around $10-30. 

Here are our top 15 picks for the best White Elephant gifts for under 15 dollars. 

1. Coffee Mug Warmer

We all have forgotten about our morning coffee at some point or another, and this mug warmer is a must-have for anyone. 

2. Silicone Ice Cube Tray

This is a must-have product for any amateur mixologist. The Frost Silicone Round Ice Cube Tray helps make any glass of bourbon look and taste like it was made at your favorite bar. 

3. Mixed Drink Coloring Book

For something on the sillier side, this adult coloring book is fantastic. Every page is filled with a different mixed drink that you can color. 

Some days, the best way to unwind and ease stress is to feel like you’re a kid again, and this is an awesome adult way to do it. 

4. Cocktail Shaker

Most cocktail recipes require the use of a cocktail shaker. This gift is affordable and absolutely practical for the booze lover in your life. Virtually anyone can use this gift and will be glad they got it too. 

5. Beer Belt

Speaking of the booze lover in your life, this Beer Belt is for the individual that needs some help because they “can’t hold their liquor.” This gag gift that’s fun and harmless and will lend a helping hand in a beer lover's time of need. 

6. Wine Vacuum

For the wine lover, we recommend this Wine Vacuum. It removes the air from a bottle of wine and helps preserve the opened wine after opening. It’s definitely practical, but your friends will be fighting over this gift, for sure. 

7. Pet and Wine Socks

For the pet lover, this gift is good for a laugh (and a probable steal!). These socks are silly but cozy and are great for anyone who loves their pet or a good glass of wine. 

8. Drink Float

This gift is the perfect gift for anyone who loves summertime and alcohol. It’s cute, colorful, and totally Instagramable. Who doesn’t want to relax in the sun at the pool and have their drinks by their side?

9. Bitters

Any home bar needs bitters to add to cocktails. They are diverse in flavor and can be easily added to any home drink. 

10. Rose Quartz Face Roller

Smooth and healthy skin has no limits. Any party guest will love this face roller and will be bragging about their smooth skin all night after using it. 

11. Mini Waffle Maker

This is a must-have for brunch-goers. You honestly cannot go wrong with tiny waffles. They look adorable for an at-home brunch and look even better on someone's Instagram. Plus, they are easy to make and even easier to eat.  

12. Llama Drink Markers

Writing your name on drinks to claim them is so outdated. Use a llama instead. These llama drink markers will make you and your party-goers stand out from all the rest. 

Using the drink markers is a creative and fun way to switch things up and add some silliness to any dinner party. 

13. Wine Stoppers

The puns written on these wine stoppers are so bad that they are good. Instead of getting a fancy bottle of wine, opt for this gift instead. Whoever receives it can use it time and time again. 

Best Gifts Under $25 

If you have a little more leeway in your budget or if your host sets the price point at around 25 dollars, we’ve got you covered. Moving up a little in your budget allows for even more options that your buds will be fighting over that still won’t break your bank.

Here are our top 15 picks for the best White Elephant gifts just shy under 25 dollars. 

14. Wine Tote

This portable wine cooler allows you to take your wine bottles wherever life takes you—to the beach, on a picnic, on the road, anywhere. 

15. Ohza Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card. What better gift to give someone than the gift of booze? We are certain that even the pickiest folks can find a flavor of Ohza that they love and enjoy. Ohza is the gift that keeps on giving! 

16. Bingo Drinking Game

Nothing says “I’m the life of the party” like bingo. This tabletop bingo set doubles as a drinking game. It’s portable and a fun idea for a large group or get-together. 

17. Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

This at-home cocktail is a great way to ease into the world of home mixology. All you have to do is add dried fruit to your favorite spirits, and this infusion bottle does the rest.  

18. Cheese Board Set

For the charcuterie lover, this cheese board is revolutionary. It comes with silverware, is durable, and can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. 

19. Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

We think this product speaks for itself. No Christmas party is complete without a little bit of karaoke. 

20. Dolly Parton Cookie Mix

This product combines the best of both worlds. Christmas cookies and Dolly Parton. These sugar cookies are just what you and your holiday party guests need after a long week at the “9-5.” You’ve earned it. 

21. Bottomless Wine Glass

Sometimes one glass isn’t enough. This is a super-sized wine glass for that special wine lover in your life. 

22. Flask Bracelet

This gift is a shoo-in to be fought over. This Flask Bracelet is the perfect accessory for anyone going to hit the town who wants to pregame a little bit in a fashionable way. 

23. Binge Watching Survival Kit

This survival guide has everything a person could possibly need, want, or desire for a dedicated tv or movie binge weekend. 

24. Electric Wine Opener

The next time you’re feeling lazy, open your wine with total ease.  

25. Poo-Pouri

This is the gift that keeps on giving, if you know what we mean. It’s silly yet practical, which will make it an easy steal at the gift exchange. 

26. Mimosa Bar Kit

This mimosa bar kit has everything a person could need to throw the perfect at-home mimosa bar, from glassware to interesting garnishes. Don’t forget a few cans of Ohza to go along with it! 

Best Gifts Under $50 

Looking for some White Elephant gifts that you are willing to splurge on? These gift options are so good you will definitely want to keep them to yourself. 

27. Silk Face Masks

Protect yourself during the pandemic in style with these silk face masks. They are cute, comfy, and a little bougie. This will be a steal at White Elephant for sure. 

28. Mini Fridge

This mini fridge can hold up to 6 cans of any beverage of your choosing. This is a simple and great addition to any office desk or apartment. 

29. Graphic Dog Art Canvas

One of the best gag gifts you can get someone is easily this fancy canvas of a dog. It’s classic and silly but could easily be added to someone's living room if they have good style. 

30. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Himalayan salt tequila glasses are an aesthetically pleasing and fun way to serve alcohol for you and your party-goers. They make a great addition to any home bar and will be a fan favorite. 

31. Bathtub Wineholder

Need we say more? Wine in the bathtub is definitely considered a form of self-care. Sip on some bubbly while enjoying a bubble bath. 

32. Portable Campfire

A portable campfire is a practical gift for a White Elephant gift exchange. At first, the recipient may see it as a gag gift, but this portable campfire is surprisingly useful. Any outdoorsman (or woman) will be grateful to receive this. 

33. A Boyfriend Pillow

This gag gift is a great choice for anyone who just really likes to cuddle. Despite this novelty being a gag gift, it is genuinely a very comfy and durable pillow. 

Know Your Recipients

This White Elephant gift guide could go on and on. There are so many other fun White Elephant gifts that match a variety of price points. Regardless of how much money you spend on these gifts, it's important to know and understand your recipients. While White Elephant is seemingly random, make sure you play to the guests who will be attending. 

If you are having a gift exchange with friends, it is probably a good idea to opt for gifts more on the humorous side or gifts more personalized to an inside joke that you have. If you are at a work event, keep the gifts more practical with an appropriate joke now and then.

No matter what kind of gifts you bring to your White Elephant gift exchange, we can almost guarantee that any of the gifts on this list are sure to have your friends and co-workers stealing them around all night. 

But most importantly, it’s not about the money you spend or the gifts you get. The holidays are all about the people you love. Having a gift exchange is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and give back to the people who give so much to us. 


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