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What To Do On Valentine's Day: 30 Things To Do

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means it's time to pull out all the romantic stops. Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your partner a little extra love and gives you an excuse to be a little gushy and romantic. We love any excuse to celebrate love here at Ohza.

If you are looking for some outside-of-the-box things to do, look no further. We have compiled the ultimate list of fun and romantic things for you and your partner to do this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t overthink this year. We know how important Valentine’s Day can be. Whether you are die-hard romantics or not, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to spend quality time with the person you love. Here are the top 30 things to do this Valentine’s Day that will be worth remembering.

15 At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Whether it be the pandemic, you’re dating a homebody, or you just want to save some money by staying at home, dates from the comfort of your own home can be some of the best. They are a great way to encourage and build intimacy between you and your partner.

There are so many ways to still have a romantic date night right at home. Here are 15 ideas for a sweet and intentional at-home Valentine’s Day.

1. Cook Dinner Together

Nothing says bring on the romance quite like a home-cooked candlelight dinner. Cooking together is not only a great way to bond, but it also leaves you with a delicious end product.

Whether you cook a time-honored family chicken dish or plan a three-course menu, complete with Champagne, you’re sure to have a good time. If neither of you is particularly confident in the kitchen, consider taking a virtual cooking class to improve your skills.

Set up some candles, a nice tablecloth, your finest silverware (or paper plates, no judgment here), and get to cooking!

2. Movie Marathon

What’s better than some good old “Netflix and chill?” Grab your comfiest pajamas, favorite snacks and cuddle up with the person you love.

Find a romantic movie to watch or sit down and find a trilogy to binge. It doesn’t matter what genre you end up with, as long as you share it with your love—and make sure you have enough popcorn and candy to go around.


3. Go Stargazing

Looking for something romantic and free to do this Valentine’s Day? Bundle up and go outside and take a look at the stars. There is something so sweet about just laying under the stars together.

If it’s a clear night, take advantage of that opportunity and cuddle up under a warm blanket. You could even make an evening of it with a sweet picnic basket.

4. Take a Bath Together

One of the most romantic and relaxing things you can do with your partner is take a calming bath together. It’s a relaxing way to build intimacy and unwind together.

Grab some bath bombs, face masks and get those bubbles going. You could even make a whole spa day of it.

5. Take an Online Class

If you and your partner love new experiences and learning new skills, taking a virtual class together may be a good idea. You can find a class for pretty much anything nowadays. It’s a fun way to learn something new together.

6. Play Bartender

If you and your partner love playing around with new recipes and you’re bored of plain old beer, mix up something boozy and delicious. Make custom cocktails inspired by your partner or create something new altogether. Mixing up beverages is a fun way to spend time together and get creative.

It’s always a good idea to keep your home bar stocked and ready to go for occasions like this. Make sure you have staples like vodka and whiskey, but you can also take it a little more outside the box for this celebration.

Our recommendation for your custom cocktails? Keep some fresh cans of Ohza around for a splash of fruity flavor to top off any custom cocktail (or just enjoy on its own). A splash of peachy goodness from our Classic Bellini or a touch of Cranberry Mimosa will put you right in the mood.

7. Make Each Other Playlists

A sweet way to be intentional with that music lover in your life is by making them a custom playlist.

Fill it with songs that remind you of them, your first date, or anything else gushy you can think of. It’s a sentimental way to show them that you think of them.

8. Scrapbook Together

What’s more wonderful than a stroll down memory lane? Find some of your favorite memories and moments with your partner and relive them by putting them into a scrapbook.

If the relationship is new, this craft is a great way to start documenting life together. If you have been with your partner a long time, this is a sweet way to relive some of life's greatest hits.

9. Board Game Night

If you and your partner love a little competition, then board game night is for you. Board games are a fun way to revisit the nostalgia of childhood and win brownie points. Grab your favorite two-player games and get ready to kick some butt.

10. Plan a Vacation

If you are staying at home to save money, a fun thing to do would be to plan a vacation together. Discuss how you will save up for it, see if you can book affordable flights and hotels, or just daydream about getting away. It’s always fun to have something to look forward to if you feel stuck in the house.

11. Paint Each Other

There’s something inherently romantic about painting your partner and becoming their muse in return. Grab some canvases, paint, and brushes and go to town.

If neither of you is quite that artistic, maybe attempt to paint a bowl of fruit or the family pet instead—you have plenty of options.

12. Have a Bake Off

A fun way to get creative is to bake something for each other. If you’re feeling a little cheesy, make something cute and heart-shaped. If you want to make it a competition, pick a recipe and see who can master it the fastest.

At the end of it all, you have some yummy sweet treats to share—after all, Valentine’s Day basically requires chocolate desserts.

13. Go for a Walk

Sometimes the simplest dates are the most special. Hold hands and walk around your neighborhood or your local park. If you’re into the wilderness, venture out for a real hike this February 14th.

Take the time to talk to one another and share in the beauty of nature together. Talk about your future together or your goals in and out of the relationship. It’s always a good idea to take a step back and check in with the ones you love.

14. Do a Home Workout Together

Whether your exercise of choice is yoga, cardio, or something more intense, working out together is a great way to spend time together. There are lots of home workouts that you and your partner can do right at home.

Google different home workouts or couples yoga poses to work up a sweat or share a laugh.

15. Give Each Other a Massage

While massages are often inherently romantic, they can also be perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. If it’s been a hard week, month, or year, maybe your partner needs a good quality massage, and you don’t even have to head out to the spa.

This is a great way to tell them, “I love you, and I see you,” even when things are a little crazy. This is a sweet and intentional gesture that will encourage relaxation and romance in your future.

15 Things To Get You Out of the House

If you are looking for a new adventure to get you off the couch, this is the list for you. We all love a good staycation, but if you need a reason to get out of the house, a romantic getaway is the way to go.

Getting away doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, though. Here are 15 easy ways to get you and your partner out of the house.

1. Go on a Roadtrip

Whether you have a final destination or just hop in the car and go, road trips are so much fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Each of you can pitch in a little bit of cash for gas and a meal on the road, and you’ve got yourself a full day of traveling.

2. Live Music

Concerts can be very romantic if you are with the right person. See if some of your favorite bands are playing in town or nearby, or pop into an open mic at a local coffee shop.

If you feel led to, grab your partner and go out dancing if the moment is right. You can never go wrong with live music.

3. Ice-Skating

Every winter romance needs an ice-skating moment. Grab your skates and your partner's hand and go ice skating either outside in the cold or at a rink.

Ice skating is a fun way to adventure out and build trust between your partner and you. You’ll know they're a keeper if they catch you when you fall.

4. Go Thrift Shopping

What’s better than great deals and a new outfit? A creative date idea is to hit up all the local thrift stores and pick outfits for one another. Rock some vintage clothes when you go out to a romantic dinner, or snap some cute photos as you try on different outfits.

Thrift shopping is a fun way to save some coin on a new outfit and branch out with your style.

5. Book a Ghost Tour

If you’re the kind of couple that likes all things creepy and spooky, you will find a ghost tour quite romantic. Not only will you want to stay close to your sweetheart the whole time, but you will also get to dive into some horrifying history that you can use for future party stories.

It’s a unique way to spend time together, especially if you wouldn’t consider yourself all that romantic. Make a reservation and be ready to get your spook on.

6. Head to a Theme Park

Nothing says “I love you” quite like some classic thrills. If you and your partner are adventure seekers, grab tickets for a theme park. Ride some roller coasters, eat some carnival food or sneak a smooch on a Ferris wheel.

For the young at heart, this is a great date idea.

7. Spend the Night in a Hotel

If you are looking to just get away for a night or two, booking a hotel room for V-Day is always a good option. It’s an excellent way to have some uninterrupted romantic time with your partner.

You can order room service, relax together and just spend quality time one on one with the person you love. This is a great option if you are a busy couple, have kids, or just want a night all to yourselves.

You could even make a whole weekend of it and hit a winery or bring along your bikes for a bit of scenic exercise.

8. Recreate Your First Date

If you have been dating for a long time, recreating your first date can be a sentimental way to revisit a special day in you and your boyfriend or girlfriend's life.

Try to wear the same clothes, eat the same food, revisit the day you first started to have feelings for one another. This is a great way to potentially light that spark again and reignite romance between you and your partner.

9. Play Tourist

Whether you are from a small town or a big city, every town has its trendy spots. Dedicate a day to fully immerse yourself as a tourist in your city. Eat at a local restaurant, go sightseeing and end the night with drinks at the iconic bar in your town.

Take the opportunity to really experience your town with the person you love. If you’re from different towns, this is your opportunity to show them around your hometown in a fun way.

10. Volunteer Together

If your partner has a heart of gold, put that to use and give back to your community. Find a local charity or food bank to volunteer to and spend time together giving back. It’s a great way to spend quality time together, and it always feels good to do something nice for others.

11. Try an Escape Room

Put those conflict resolution skills to the test by trying your hand at an escape room with your partner. This is a fun way to see how each other does under pressure and is a great way to build trust with one another.

12. Adopt a Pet

It’s time to pop the question… Are you ready to get a pet together?

If the answer is yes, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start building your family together. Go to your local humane society, adopt a dog or cat, and make them part of your family.

13. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

If you are searching for a fun, out-of-the-box date idea, a scavenger hunt may be the perfect candidate. Plant little clues around town that send you and your partner on an adventure together.

14. Stage a Photoshoot

Taking photos is a wonderful way to capture memories with your significant other. Hire a photographer, put on your best outfits, and get ready to pose. You can go to your favorite spots around town or pick an aesthetically pleasing location.

Your Mom will thank you for the updated photos that she can use on the family’s Christmas card. You can thank us later.

15. Fancy Dinner

We couldn’t forget the most classic Valentine’s Day date of them all. Splurge on a fancy evening out and plan a night of good food, drinks, and dancing. Life can be so busy and stressful, and it can be hard to find excuses to get all dolled up and go out. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to go all out.

Get the bouquet of flowers, order the bottle of wine, and get all dressed up for dinner. There is something so great about getting dressed up for dinner and no other reason at all. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to get out of the house and celebrate with each other.

Fancy dinner isn’t your speed? Get all dressed up and get take out. There are no rules. Find the little ways to celebrate the person that you love. Whether that is take-out or fine dining, spend time with your favorite person this Valentine’s Day and celebrate your love.


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