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The Best Champagnes for Mimosas

Mimosas are one of the best and most iconic brunchtime staples. Whether you are celebrating a bridal shower or just a Tuesday morning with friends, there is no better way to celebrate than with some mimosas. 

It’s a fun idea, in theory, to create a mimosa from scratch, but you might not be sure where to start. It can get seriously overwhelming when you start looking at the different options of flavors and sparkling wines. While most are very familiar with the popular brunch drink, there can still be a few unanswered questions. 

What Is a Mimosa?

Let’s start with the basics. A mimosa is a mixed drink that contains equal parts fruit juice and Champagne or sparkling wine. Mimosas were not originally created for brunch purposes—in fact, they were initially popular with British royalty. But over the years, as the drink's popularity grew, it was soon associated with brunch festivities. 

Mimosas are best served with fresh-squeezed orange juice and a dry Champagne. Dry Champagne doesn’t have a lot of residual sugar, which makes it perfect for a mimosa. You will get plenty of sweetness from the fruit juice, so a dry champagne is definitely the way to go to balance out those flavors. 

You can make these cocktails at home, but you’re going to need to choose the right ingredients. Here are our recommendations for at-home mimosas. 

What To Consider When Choosing Champagne for Mimosas

For a Champagne to be considered authentic, it must be from the Champagne region in France. While truly delicious and luxurious, true Champagne is not very kind on the wallet. After all, it has to come from a specific place and be made in a specific way.  

Regardless of your price point, it's important to note what kind of mimosa experience you are searching for. If you are looking for an elegant and remarkable experience, it might be worth putting the extra money into a more expensive bottle. If you are searching for something quick and affordable for a last-minute Sunday brunch, there are cheaper options that will do the job just fine. 

Best Flavor Notes

When it comes to flavor, you don’t want to choose a wine that’s too sweet. That means you should steer clear of anything labeled sec or demi-sec, as these will have a lot more residual sugar. You’re best off with a bottle of brut or even extra brut so that you don’t have to choke down a sickly sweet drink. You still want each sip to be refreshing. 

When it comes to the specific flavors of the bottle you choose, something with a bit of minerality will provide the perfect contrast to the fruitiness of the juice. 

Champagne Bubbles

Generally speaking, the smaller the bubbles, the higher quality a sparkling wine is considered to be. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing something that has a bit more fizz to it, but if you’re looking to stay classic with your Champagne, choose something with a light, small bubble.

It ultimately is about your tastes and your preferences. There really is no wrong way to enjoy a mimosa, regardless of what sparkling wine you choose.

Budget-Friendly Champagnes 

When it comes to budgeting, the less expensive option may be better for you. If you are looking for an affordable Champagne option that is still delicious and bubbly, here are our recommendations. 

  1. Cupcake Prosecco: One of the most accessible “Champagne” options on the market is Cupcake Prosecco. Despite its sweet name, Cupcake Prosecco is a dry wine, making it a perfect choice for less expensive mimosas. 
  2. Codorniu Anna Brut: One of the best types of sparkling wine to use for mimosas is Cava. Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine made using the same process as Champagne. This specific brand combines Chardonnay and Cava to give you a unique Champagne-esque experience.
  3. Poema Brut Cava: Not only is this Cava delicious to drink on its own, but it also highlights any drink it is added to. Its sparkling citrusy flavor will pair wonderfully with the juices for your mimosa.

Splurge Worthy Champagnes

While you may be grateful for the affordable option when you are in a pinch, sometimes a 20 dollar bottle of bubbly just isn’t the direction you want to go. Depending on the celebration, it may be worth it to pop open a more expensive bottle. 

While the affordable options are a great place to start, there’s nothing wrong with a splurge every now and then for certain celebrations.

Here are some not-so-cost-effective-but-100%-worth-the-extra-penny Champagne options for you. 

  1. Dom Perignon: Considered a “miraculous vintage” Champagne, the Dom Perignon is a perfect choice for a mimosa. This brand is pure and minimalist, making it a perfect candidate for mimosas. 
  2. Krug Rosé Champagne: This Champagne is built for a king. This indulgent Champagne is aged for seven years in the Krug cellars.
  3. Moet & Chandon Imperial: Arguably the best Champagne for mimosas is the Moet & Chandon Imperial. This Champagne is known for its diverse flavors and vivid textures. 

While some argue to save the special Champagnes for a certain occasion, we counter that argument in believing that every day is worth celebrating. Splurge on that bottle of Champagne if your heart so desires, because why not? 

The Best of Both Worlds: Ohza 

If you are looking for a hassle-free and budget-friendly option that feels just as fancy as a pricey Champagne, Ohza is the right choice for you. We use a delicious sparkling wine that was specially chosen to complement the sweet flavor of orange juice. Here at Ohza, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product by using the best sparkling wines and natural fruit juices to give you a ready-to-enjoy mimosa for any occasion.

If you don’t want to jump through all the hoops to find an expensive Champagne or even the headache that sometimes comes with creating your own from scratch, just order a pack of Ohza and let the party begin. 

Ohza has all the flavors of mimosa you could want without the hefty price tag or hassle of a regular mimosa. Plus, with little to no clean-up afterward, the party can go on as long as you want. There’s nothing wrong with a splurge now and then, but a great everyday celebration option is no doubt Ohza

Everyday Is Worth Celebrating

There are lots of moments in life that are worth popping a cork for. No matter what you are celebrating, the perfect way to celebrate is with a delicious mimosa. Mimosas are a great way to celebrate everyday moments, especially when you choose a canned, single-serving option like Ohza. Regardless of what you are celebrating, no better way than with classic bubbly. 

Whether you decide on a pocketbook-friendly option or splurge on a Krug Champagne, there is an option for a quality mimosa for any occasion. 

Next time you open a bottle to celebrate, remember the little things in life worth celebrating and enjoy a mimosa for any occasion. 


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