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Fizzy Sangria
by Joe Jonas

Based on 7585 reviews
Stole our money and ran.

Was great product, run by thieves.

Cranberry Mimosa
Alfredia Davis
Love my Cranberry Mimosa!

I’m always getting more Cranberry Mimosa than any other favor!

Fizzy Red Sangria
Alfredia Davis
Loving my Sangria

I love my Sangria.

Paradise in a can❤️

Drinking red sangria fills you with thoughts of being on a tropical island and just enjoying the day❤️

Cranberry Mimosa
Rebecca Hicks
Love this product

Light, refreshing and enjoyable… Thanks , Joe

Grapefruit Mimosa
Christie Best
Light and refreshing

The Grapefruit mimosas are light and bubbly refreshing. I like that its taste is not overwhelmingly champagne and more grapefruit.
Definitely a liked change to a regular mimosa and a quick add to the morning or evening.

Fizzy Red Sangria
Susan Merritt
Ohza Sangria

I was very surprised how good the fizzy sangria was! So glad I took a chance and ordered it. I’ve already tried the mimosa and peach Bellini which are also very good! Keep up the good work Ohza!! Very refreshing!!

Classic Mimosa
Marsha Thompson
Love the Classic Mimosas

This is a very refreshing drink and is great for a hot summer afternoon. My only regret is they are not sold in our local supermarkets! I have to plan ahead to make sure I don't run out before my next order arrives.

Cranberry Mimosa
Cranberry Cravens

Very good cranberry-closeness flavor without the natural tart Cranberry taste. I prefer this type flavor to the sweet ones. It is now my 2nd favorite flavor to Classic Mimosa. I will definitely purchase again.

Grapefruit Mimosa
Meg Glatz

Love this

Fizzy Red Sangria
Ashley Vanzant
Perfect for lake and pool days!

Bought these after getting the chance to try it out at a tough mudder! Super refreshing and they were well enjoyed by everyone who tried it while out on the lake!

Please come to stores soon!

Classic Mimosa
Paige Hostettler

This Drink is Amazing ! They are so refreshing !

2023 Ambassador Gift
Kylie Briggs

My favorite canned sangria and mimosa. They’re so refreshing and really have the best taste. My go to drink!

Grapefruit Mimosa
Thomas Keneipp
Grapefruit & Golf

The Grapefruit Mimosa is the best drink to enjoy on my early morning round of golf.

Classic Mimosa
Jo Dawna Smith
Too good to come from a can!

If I am entertaining I want to be with my friends. Not having to make their drinks. So these were perfect. Just keep in the fridge & pour into the glasses. (Maybe add a twist of orange.) And enjoy! Absolutly perfect each time. So good …

Perfect summer drink!!

Tasty and so convenient! Perfect for summer sharing or a treat after a hot day. Really the best tasting convenience cocktail!!!

Cranberry Mimosa
Cranberry mimosa

This is so refreshing. The cranberry flavor is just right, not too strong but definitely there so you can taste it. Refreshing. I think this is my favorite flavor.

Free 4-Pack | Fizzy Red Sangria
Amy Wilson
Fizzy Red Sangria

I love this Sangria and only 140 calories a can. So refreshing!

Fizzy Red Sangria
Amy Wilson
Fizzy Red Sangria

Love it and only 140 calories

Free 4-Pack | Cranberry Mimosa
Athena Rademacher

Literally my favorite out of the mimosas! Can’t wait to try more in the future !

Classic Mimosa
Bob White
Amazing drink

Arrived fast wife enjoyed not having to mix and tasted great will buy again when all flavors are available!

Classic Mimosa
Bonnie R.
Love it!

The taste is great, quality ingredients, easily transportable, and nice artwork on the can.

2023 Ambassador Gift
Mikaila Driggs
Best Tasting Sangria Ever!!!

These favors were amazingly sweet and good!! They tasted soo good at my familys bbq and everyone loved them!! Refreshing yet fun!!

Free 8-Pack | Grapefruit Mimosa
Brett Lupi

I have enjoyed every Ohza until the grapefruit. It lacks grapefruit flavor, which should be somewhat tart. This one needs to be mixed with something else to become drinkable. Will continue to order my favorites, but not this one.

Free 4-Pack | Fizzy Red Sangria
Joyce M Reid

Free 4-Pack | Fizzy Red Sangria

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Over 7585 Five Star Reviews

“I really like mimosas but don’t actually make them that often...having them ready to go in a can was so fun and easy. They tasted great!”

“The Ohza is a great convenient choice for a mimosa. Not too sweet and love that there isn't added sugar!”

“I love these. They taste like actual champagne and juice, they're not too sweet, but are light and refreshing. Kind of obsessed, have made 3 orders already. The classic mimosa is my favorite, followed by the bellini, but all 4 are delicious!”

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