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Classic Mimosa 4-Pack

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Made with 100% real orange juice and premium bubbly, our original mimosa packs the taste you know and love, but better. In fact, Ohza has up to 80% less sugar and 60% less calories than one made at home or by your local bartender, but with all of the flavor.


Plus, we have a small footprint but pack a BIG PARTY: 12 cans is the equivalent of mixing four champagne bottles of bubbly and two juice cartons.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

I like that I can have a great tasting mimosa with opening a whole bottle! Yummy too!

Classic 4-pack

I was buying the sampler pack and at the end got offered a classic 4-pack and decided why not! Best decision as then I had them to last a bit longer. They have such a good flavor and I enjoy them at all times of the day!

Easy and delicious

I saw the ads online and couldn't resist! Glad I tried them. They are yummy and delicious without a weird after taste or hangover (I'm generally very sensitive to wine). You also don't have to open a whole bottle of champagne if you weren't planning on it. I will buy them again for sure. The classic, peach, and mango are my favorite so far!

Diane Peterson
Awesomely good!

I bought an eight pack sample and a four pack. I served them for Thanksgiving and my family could not get enough of it! They were extremely tasty and I only have a couple left in my fridge!

Christine Heath
Tasty & convenient

These are perfect for a picnic but also for when you only want one and don’t have anyone to share a full bottle with.

Small Footprint, BIG Party.

'Skip the mess and bring our classic cocktails anywhere you wander - on a boat, at the pool, the apres ski, or kickin’ it by the campfire.

12 cans of Ohza

4 Champagne Bottles of Bubbly + 2 Juice Cartons

Sometimes the party can't wait

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