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Fizzy Sangria
by Joe Jonas

Based on 6929 reviews
Variety Pack Mango
David Morris

Did not receive them

Classic Mimosa
Barbara Leonard

Love floating around the pool with a Bellini and mimosa nearby in the floating can holder

Bigger is better 😋

They’re always good now I can share‼️

New favorite!

Really liked trying the Ohza drinks and holiday variety pack for the first time! The cranberry mimosa and classic mimosa were my favorites. I liked the sangria too, just sweeter than the other 2!

Peach Bellini
Teressa Bies

This stuff is beyond delicious.

Fizzy White Sangria
Michelle Boryszewski
So good!

Obviously easy to prepare and everyone loves them! Bonus they are a good option for the waste line

Classic mimosa

I really enjoy the classic mimosas. It took a while for my order to arrive but customer service was top notch and I couldn’t be more please. Thank you

16oz Classic Mimosa
Janie Caulder
Christmas and holiday cheer!

We just ordered extra to have around d the house when friends and family pop in over the holidays! They are easy and classy to pour into a glass. I drop an orange slice in the drink and it looks like the Ritz! Cheers!

16oz Classic Mimosa
Sharice Frazile
Perfect drink Perfect Size

By far my favorite product with you!!! it had a bottomless mimosa vibe!!! These are definitely my go-to!!!

Even better bigger

I already love ❤️ the mango 🥭 flavored, now it’s bigger, I love ❤️ it more!

Cranberry Mimosa
Meghan Willcocks
Cranberry is where it’s at

I love the standard orange + mango but these cranberry may be my fave. I buy them each fall/winter given the holiday timing but I love them year round. Definitely reco a try if you like cranberry - and drinks that aren’t as sweet.

Great tasting

I just drank them yesterday and they were great!

Holiday Variety Pack
Nicolas Tjian

Good taste, not too sweet, natural juice flavor. Easy to drink quickly

Variety Pack Mango
Shelly Harseim

Never received!!

Yummiest Low Sugar Sangria Around!! 🍷🍹

Ohza, you did in it! Delicious Fizzy Red Sangria but not full of all the sugar ❎--- and easily portable, cuz it's in a can. 🥫😲😁 You've exceeded my Sangria Dreams! 🍷

Fizzy Red Sangria
Kathleen Riley
Fizzy Red

I love it and my family does too. Gave some to friend to try and now we're splitting the order

Peach Bellini
Shelley Beveridge
packaging terrible!!!!!

All my cans are dented and had to throw a few away, they were empty because they burst.

Fizzy Red Sangria
susan Schubert

Great drink for on the go

Grapefruit Mimosa
Regina O'Brien

The grapefruit was drinkable but not memorable.

Grapefruit is pretty good

I see some other reviews mention the aftertaste of the sweetener and the alcohol used in these. I have noticed that in some of the Ohza flavors but find the grapefruit flavor "works" better than some of the others. They're a good low sugar option. I will sometimes split a can between two glasses and add plain seltzer and a small amount of vodka for a light cocktail for 2. We liked them enough that we've ordered again. These may be "for you," and they may not. Give them a try.

Grapefruit Mimosa
Nancy Mahoney

I never received it.

Grapefruit Mimosa
Caitlin M.
Free AND good

I received a few boxes of Grapefruit Mimosas for free with my purchase. I am a big fan of grapefruit drinks, so I decided to give Ohza a try. I really enjoyed these! You can drink them straight or as a mixer if you want to be fancy :)

Cranberry Mimosa

The mimosa's are light and absolutely delish !! So glad i will be able to share them with my friends!

Variety Pack Mango
Jason Baldassarre

I never received my order

Grapefruit Mimosa

I think by trying to keep the drinks low sugar they have not ensured the flavor is strong enough to overpower the cheap wine alcohol in these. Will I drink these, sure. I don’t like them that much though. The grapefruit is somehow very artificial tasting, and the cheap wine taste comes through very strong.

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“I really like mimosas but don’t actually make them that often...having them ready to go in a can was so fun and easy. They tasted great!”

“The Ohza is a great convenient choice for a mimosa. Not too sweet and love that there isn't added sugar!”

“I love these. They taste like actual champagne and juice, they're not too sweet, but are light and refreshing. Kind of obsessed, have made 3 orders already. The classic mimosa is my favorite, followed by the bellini, but all 4 are delicious!”

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